One Love Yoga​

PaQuita R. Pullen, Owner/Operator

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PaQuita R. Pullen is known for her authenticity, passion and purpose-driven philosophy. She has an extensive background  as a mental health professional which she weaves through her classes by utilizing a trauma-informed approach when sequencing classes, adjusting and communicating verbal cues. She believes in the richness of life, love, and relationship. PaQuita  encourages her students to use the tools of yoga in hopes of improving multi-faceted areas of their lives. 

One Love Yoga became a dream of PaQuita's at an early phase of her yoga practice. She began yoga with an in-home practice following the popular YouTube sensation Adrienne, from Yoga with Adrienne. Within the first year of practicing she completed 97 consecutive days of practice and completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training at her home studio, Liberation Yoga in Nashville, TN.

As PaQuita ventured out from a home practice to a more studio based practice, she found that she  was  often "different" from the others and although she was never mistreated in any way, this had a deep impact on her. One Love Yoga is a response to the limited amount of diversity  she witnessed in the yoga community. One Love Yoga seeks to celebrate and embrace all shapes, sizes, color, gender, and walks of life for the love of yoga!
We aim to always be true to ourselves and others. We embrace our own personality, style, spirit and character in collaboration and celebration with others. We cannot truly love ourselves or others if we cannot first be authentic.
Relationship is  the core of why we are here. It  is our container to bloom and blossom in a beautfully chaotic world. We need each other.
We believe that all beings deserve the opportunity to tend to their own well-being and happiness. We encourage you to fall in love with yourself on and off the mat for. We protect what we fall in love with.